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And I’ll Show You How To Overcome Your Writing Doubts and Publish Your Dream Book To A Global Audience In The Next 100 Days or Less…Without Setting A New Deadline


Join us Live On 1st July to Learn Practical Guidance and strategies to building a lasting legacy, Getting More Business and Making impact through writing and publishing your book

Who Is This Event For?

YOU, If Any These Speak About You...

You want to break through the barriers of self-doubt and unleash your true potential as a writer, knowing that your book can transform lives and make a meaningful difference in the world.

You aspire to unlock new opportunities by leveraging the credibility and authority that comes with being a published author.

You have a burning desire to share your expertise and leave a legacy that will inspire future generations and stand the test of time.

You dream of connecting with like-minded individuals around the world who resonate with your message, building a community of loyal readers and supporters who share your values and beliefs.

You desire to escape the restrictions of a traditional job and pave your way to financial freedom and independence by generating income from your book.

You long to share your personal story and experiences, knowing that it has the power to inspire, heal, and connect with others on a profound level, giving them hope and encouragement in their own journeys.





A Four-Hour Program With Action-Oriented Content:

What You'll Learn...

During this live event, you will learn the three most important pillars of the author journey: Package, Publish & Profit.


You’ll discover how to write the correct book for your audience and for you as the author. We’ll explore key elements of successful book writing, including market research, genre selection, and writing habits.


You’ll learn how to choose the right publishing model for your book. Darren will share insights into traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing, and help you decide which option is best for you.


You’ll discover how to turn your book into multiple income streams. We will share strategies for maximizing revenue from your book, including speaking engagements, online courses, and coaching programs.

Pain Points Session

You’ll discover practical strategies to overcome writer’s block, self-doubt, and fear of rejection. And simple techniques to boost your confidence, unleash your creativity, and break through any barriers holding you back.

Expert Guidance

You’ll earn directly from accomplished authors who have navigated the same challenges you face. Gain insider tips, industry insights, and real-world advice from those who have achieved remarkable success.


You’ll connect and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who understand your journey, your dreams, aspirations, challenges, and cheer you on every step of the way.

You’ll leave this event with complete clarity on what the first (or next) step is in your personal author journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your success as an author!


Darren August

• After self-publishing his own book, “A Teacher Changed My Life” in 2014, Darren has learnt and mastered the self-publishing game. He has subsequently published a children’s book system – “My Seed of Greatness”.

• Darren has successfully coached, and assisted aspiring authors to self-publish their books since 2015 alongside his phenomenal team. To date, the Inspired Publishing team has successfully launched approximately 90 authors into the market, and this number is on the rise.

• Darren is a sought after Speaker,Trainer and the founder of The Inspired Group.

• Darren is extremely gifted with designing a niche message and a winning strategy for every author and that makes him a sought after book publishing coach.

Unlocking the Door to Your Publishing Dreams

Are you tired of constantly setting new deadlines for writing and publishing your book?

Allow me to remind you of why you started this journey in the first place.

You have a message that needs to be heard, a legacy that needs to be built, and an impact that needs to be made.

And your book is the key to opening doors that you never thought possible.

But I understand the pain and frustration that comes with the process.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to Author Acceleration Live Event, where you’ll get the clarity and actionable guidance you need to move forward with confidence from someone who has been in your shoes.


Venue: The Kerzner @UJ (Auckland Park - JHB)
08:00 - 12:30: Main Event
12:30 - 14:00: Lunch & Launch VIP EXPERIENCE


We’re Offering 2 Paths to Author Acceleration Live


R 750
  • Access to the full workshop: In the Package session, Publish session, and Profit session
  • What type of book should I be writing?
  • The writing process
  • The publishing process
  • Funding my book
  • Making your book profitable
  • Tea & Coffee
  • 2 digital bonuses


R 1250
  • Everything included in General Admission
  • VIP ticket to Lunch&Launch (official book launch of Darren’s new book)
  • a Signed Copy of Self-Publish to 6 Figures (Darren’s brand new book)
  • Prioriry registration and early access into workshop venue
  • Exclusive Strategy Session with Darren
  • Networking opportunity at Lunch & Launch
  • Access to special Q&A with host 


For me personally, Inspired Publishing was God sent. I have been looking for a platform to get my story out there, and immediately when I attended the Self-Publishing Master class, I knew I wanted to have my book published with Inspired. The time that you invested for all the writers and future writers makes it worthwhile. Thank you tons. I’m inspired.
Bridgette Leboho
author of “I Sing a New Song”
Inspired publishing showed good work ethic. The team was committed to meeting the deadline. The responses and queries turnaround time was fast. Their masterclass also made it easy and encouraged me to write and seeing the book published. I am delighted for the assistance they gave me during this period. I would recommend their services to any aspiring author. Keep up the good work.
Petro Esserv
author of “Challenge the Status Quo”
Inspired Publishing really helps dreams come true. They are never controlling and demanding but true to their name. They ‘inspire’, support and encourage. One has a lot of freedom to give wings to your thoughts. Yet everything is done and checked with excellence. Their team is humble and open- minded. I, for one am loyal to Inspired Publishing. Without Darren and his team all ideas would have been undeveloped in my mind. He is such a safe place when one is still a newbie! Do not hesitate if you wondered if you too can get that book published!
Gretchen Ries
Author of “My Klipalbum”
After attending an Inspired event, I immediately started working on my book and completed my manuscript within a few weeks. I enjoyed the entire process of working on my book and nothing can explain the feeling of holding your own book in your hands after only a few short months. My book has opened so many doors for me.
Malcolm Mooi
Author of “Indigo Child”

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